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Now that I have more time to elaborate, The best buy I have made in awhile is a Ryobi drill press from Home Depot. Cost me about $130, but I paid for it the first week. I inletted a Sako stock for a aluminum bedding block. I purchased a vise that clamps to the drill press and has movement in 4 directions. Cost-$35
You can get a drill press from harbor Freight for $45, or so, on sale. Not as sturdy or powerful, but much better than a hand drill.
I believe you are on the right track for the mount. At MTGUNS, they do kinda the same thing, but have a milling machine to cut the slot. I have another CM2 due tomorrow, and I may D&T the side rail. Will save the top of the receiver. A piece of 2"X2"X.250 angle and I am ready to go. The angle will have to be shaped lengthwise and trimmed at the bottom, but can be done with files and a hacksaw.
As you said, maybe some other forum members will add their 2 cents worth
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