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STBE Harris
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Mrmosin CM-2 scope mt

Mrmosin I like the idea of epoxing the rail would be a lot less hassel for the fabricator (me)! I think I would put release agent on the dovetail so that there would be a chance to knock it off if one wanted to bring it back to "factory". Although that would prove probably tough to do. I might would put a couple pressure friction bolts in just to keep it tight. But then drilling blind into the epoxy you would mark the dove tail flat. Hope we are getting some other folks to thinking about this would love to see an easy and inexpesive way to get a scope on one and not D&T recvr. By the way I have talked to some one who has delt with these rifles a lot and they say the receiver is not very hard as compared to center fire recvrs. Gunsmiths want from $25 to $50 per hole here in my neck of the woods, and 2-6 mos depending on the Smith another reason I would rather try homemade. STBE
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