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STBE Harris
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CM-2 side Scope mount Homemade

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I plan on trying something along the lines of my drawing here. If anyone else wants to try please let me know if you get it to work!! Part A is on the left and B is the big piece that would fit over it on the right; epoxed and bolted through drillled and tapped holes on the side of this STBE engineered project. Also extra holes would have to be dilled into top of B to allow access for tightening of the tapered allen screws the would tighten on the CM-2 dovetail to hold the whole thing on they are not shown. Any flatish bases could be used to attach a scope if need be with epoxy to help. Maybe 336 Marlin bases? Or I think a 10/22 would maybe work. You would need pretty simple tools. The stock metal, Drill and tap with a Drill Press, Thread and tap set. Epoxy. some Allen head bolts. Files, Dremel with a couple cut offs and grinders, emory cloth, some odds and ends If anyone sees a problem and or has a better idea that doesnt need a milling machine, lathe, please add looking for all input!!!!! STBE

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