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Atlmike's Ideas

Originally Posted by Atlmike View Post
You could also try and get some good photos of the stock and attachment mechanism
and have some solid models and drawings made up.
I would gladly donate some of my time and my SolidWorks skills
to such a project in exchange for one of the stocks.

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Atlmike ... here is a source for some pictures.
Not for sale in the USA: Importable: but, EXCLUDED Russian Models & Varients
SV-99 sniper rifle (Russia )
SV-99 Short-Range Sniper Rifle (IZHMASH) & TOZ-99 (Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod - TULA)
SV-99 Broken-Down
SV-99 Updated ... aka: СВ99 я
Stock Graft: Sobol with Biathlon 7-4
What is needed is a wire-frame model that can be used as a basis for computer numerical control machining.
Atlmike ... does your firm have the capability of reverse engineering a model - CMM digital modeling of a prototype?

Originally Posted by Atlmike View Post
An alternative idea to importing would be to purchase the drawings of the stock
and its associated hardware from the manufacturer and find someone here to produce them.

I would be willing to throw some money in on a "group buy" kind of deal
to purchase the manufacturing deawings.
Good luck in making connections or contacts with the Russians.
This was/is us_dragunov's forte.
At the moment, it appears he has pulled-the-plug on the project.
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