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It very well could be a replica and I hope it is but I'm not sure what the laws are pertaining to the Russia Agreement On Firearms And Ammunition agreement since the SV-99 stock is so unique.

It's a fine line and the Feds aren't known to let the simple things slide that often.

I'm with everyone else in wanting an SV-99 stock (or two) but the ATF doesn't always look at our hobby as we do. We are the "peasants" and they are in control.

There aren't usually any restrictions of stocks but then again, not many stocks are connected to the Russia Agreement On Firearms And Ammunition agreement and they consider the SV-99 stock a "part" so a Form 6 would have to be approved.

If the ATF think the stocks are the true SV-99 stocks instead of replicas they'd want to know why he didn't fill out a From 6 and then he'll need to show proof they are Replicas. For some reason I think the Feds would arrest first and ask questions later if it came to this. Who knows what type of charges they can bring up on him? They pretty much have a whole slew of them to pick and choose from.

I agree that it's totally stupid to ban a WOODEN STOCK when we are bringing in thousands of centerfire rifles that many see as Evil.

So he needs to let everyone know that it's not a 100% Russian stock as he posted and inform everyone that it's a Replica stock from somewhere other than Russia to cover his butt and ours.

I would be ELATED with a Replica SV-99 stock but he needs to know that the Feds don't play around. I've seen it first hand and it wasn't pretty for the gents.


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