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Toz-78-12 (Winchester Wildcat22): Photos & First Impressions

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I bought it from BassPro recently at the boxing week sale price of CAN$199 + taxes. Have not shot it yet. So far I can say the following:

Aesthetics/looks: BassPro was advertizing it as "walnut" stock. It is not walnut (birch or beech probably), but the walnut stain on mine is very pleasing to my eyes. The blueing is not bad at all. The overall finish is fine. The checkering is more than acceptable for a CAN$200 gun. It is a nice package that transpires "good quality and value". I like it more than the previous "el-cheaperino" version of the Toz-78 I owned a few years ago ( I bought that one for only CAN$100 new in the box!!!).

Dimensions: The Toz series of rimfire guns have compact dimensions. The stock is a bit short for my size (I have that same complaint for most firearms). I will get used to it just like I got used to my current Toz-99 and the previously owned Toz-78. I am thinking of adding a recoil pad on this one to increase the LOP. I will make a final decision after shooting a couple of hundred rounds.

Action: No surprises there, just like most Toz bolt action rimfires, it is a bit stiff now, but I am sure it will smoothen after about a hundred rounds. The backward curved bolt is different than other Toz-78 models. Don't know why they did that: aesthetics or change for the sake of change.

Sights: At first, the rear sight disappointed me. I was thinking the one on my old Toz-78 was superior. But it started to grow on me once I realized that it is collapsible and hence, it does not have to be removed if I mount a scope. Speaking of scopes, I tried 2 of my scoped on it: a variable BUSHNELL and Russian ZENITH scope. I think I am going to stick with the BUSHNELL as the ZENITH scope is in reality an airgun scope.

Trigger: I have read on this forum that some of the members here miss the variable triger on the other versions of the Toz-78. Well, I have not shot my gun yet. I dry-fired it a couple of times and don't find this trigger too heavy.

I will talk about its accuracy once I shoot it. But being a (rebadged) Toz-78, we all know that they are very accurate for the price.

To sum it up: I prefered to buy this gun over the Savages, Merlins and others that shared the same gun rack at the shop. It looked better, felt better and was priced very competitively. I look forward to enjoy this little critter for a long time.

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