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Receiver Marking & Documentation for 2nd Legion Sobol KO-10 Carbine

Originally Posted by Tozman View Post
... Looks like it is 2003 year manufacture.
Am I correct?
After reviewing all of the documentation ...
The receiver (or barrreled action) was manufactured by Izhmash in 2003.
Proof Test firing occurred in 2007
Accuracy Testing happened on 21 May 2007
The carbine was final inspected by Legion on 07 June 2007.
Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
... I can not find any documentation that
specifically states the date of manufacture.

Most significant markings are concentrated on the left-side of the receiver.

Deciphering the Receiver Markings

Industry Standards Mark, Caliber, Serial Number and CIP Test Station & Year

Serial Number: A03671197 - Receiver (or barrreled action) Manufactured in 2003
CIP Test Station: Test Site Identification Mark and Year Proof Tested - 2007

The Quality Control Inspectors Approval: The declared date of completed manufacturing
could be reasonably construed as the date of final inspection.

Test Targets: Average of three, five-shot groups at 50 meters - 13.3mm (.524 inches)
1st Group: 16.5mm (.650 in) 2nd Group: 8.5mm (.335 in) 3rd Group: 15mm (.591 in)

Certification of Long-Term Storage Preparation
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