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The Warts ... 2nd Legion Sobol KO-10 Carbine

The following photos were taken late in the afternoon.
The sun was not as bright and was casting prominent shadows.

Notice the shadowy tiger-strip watermarks in the wood.

The modest Schnabel fore-end tip is cleanly mated with the forend.

Above and Below: Butt-plate and pistol grip cap.
Very well fitted to the stock and beautifully complimenting one-another.

Above and Below: Warts
Notice the streaks on the wood.
They appear to be stains.

Probably caused by dripped epoxy bedding material
or excessive wood stain.

That had not been properly cleaned-up.
I noticed that a thin margin of wood adjacent to the receiver had a similar discoloration.

Notice the double curve of the leading edge of the cheekpiece - nicely shaped.

Above and Below: Warts
The area of the stock where the receiver is bedded has a rather unusual shape.

The trademark Izhmash styling ... flat stock sides with a flat bottom at the trigger guard.
Joined together with beveled edges and rounded-off at the end - peculiar.

Nothing objectionable ... But, something you get used to.

(Opps, my photography assistant can't seem to stay out of the picture)
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