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Cost Effective Aperture Sights

I just ordered the rest of the parts for the sight system.
The most cost effective rear sight is the Daisy Avanti sight sold by Pyramyd Air.
I have the same rear sight on my Daisy Powerline 953 and it works quite well on it.
Any sight with the name Anshutz on the side costs almost as much as the rifle.

Clyde from RAAC does not have any complete rear sights for the Biathlon when I spoke to him earlier today.
From talking to him, it sounds like he is getting the runaround from his import contacts.

For the front sight, I was able to mock up the sight arrangement.
One of the scope mounts on my Winchester 52 is a perfect fit for the Lipski barrel mount.
I transferred it over to mount the front Avanti sight for the proof of concept.
Everything looked good mounted.

Back over to Brownells' for the Lipski 0.225" sight base,
and a Lyman 93 Target front sight.

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