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My 2nd Legion Sobol in Premire Oxide

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Moderator Working O/T ... 2nd Legion Sobol Has Arrived
Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
I will be taking photos of the stock tomorrow.
When the sunlight is strong, bright and clear.
And, will post them as soon as possible.
These photos of my 2nd carbine
were taken out-of-doors in direct sunlight.

In-order to highlight the shadowy, tiger-stripe watermarks.

The are found all-over the stock.
In the bright sunlight, they stand-out.
Legion Sobol KO-10 Carbine

Above and Below:
The spare ammunition compartment cover
blends-in very well with the shape of the stock.

Above and Below:
Forward of the magazine well, the fore-arm bottom
changes from flat, to a somewhat rounded. tapering, strip.

Similarly, the sides of the fore-arm at the top near the barrel
have a very narrow, flat surface that very gently curves-down
to meet the bottom of the fore-arm.

The sides and bottom of the fore-arm
intersect at a rounded edge.

(Double Click for Slightly Larger Image)

Above and Below:
As the angle of view changes,
the color and/or shade of the Schnabel fore-end tip changes.

Above and Below:
Notice the compound curve of the leading edge of the cheek piece.
Lots of skillful shaping.

The connecting margin between the Schnabel fore-end tip
and the forearm is very thin and clean.
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