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Hammer Forged Barrels & Experiments with Rimfire Hammer Forged Barrels

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Original post: Hammer Forged Bull Barrel: Spiral Pattern

I been taking the time to read some of these articles.
They are very interesting and informative.
There are many misconceptions about forged barrels.
These articles help clarify the process.

Originally Posted by motohead View Post
.... My barrel shows what I believe to be forging marks.
I've seen several carbon fiber material applications and none of them are as lumpy as what I'm looking at here.
The hammer forged barrels I've seen, that haven't been turned down after forging, look more like the pattern mine has.
It's a spiral pattern except for where it has been turned done for the front sight sleeve....
A carbon fiber warped barrel on an older rifle is highly unlikely.

Ruger Barrel

Hammer forged bull barrel;
the finish is a sparkling spiral milling.
This is an image I located of a hammer forged barrel
that has not been turned-down.

By the way, the spiral marks are not as a result of milling.
They are tooling marks from the hammering process.

Hammer Forging Barrel

"Hammer Forged Barrels" by Vern Briggs and James Higley
was published in the November, 2005 issue of Precision Shooting.

Hammer Forging Barrels

"Ural-6-2" ... Barrel and Front Sight

"Biathlon-7-3" ... Barrel, Front Sight & Barrel Weights

Larsen Recruit Rifle ... Izhmash BI 7-3 Barrel & Front Sight
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