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Originally Posted by davemustaine View Post
I'm going to buy one of the three rifles mentioned. It will be used for informal 25 - 35 yd benchrest competitions my friends and I have during the winter months. I will be mounting a scope. Which one would be the most accurate and suitable to this situation? I already have an older Vostok that I use for open sights. I read that the Cadet has the same barrel as the BB. I'm thinking that either the Cadet or Adult would be better for shooting from the bench than the BB. Any differences in accuracy between the Cadet and Adult? Then there is the BB with that cool action...decisions, decisions. What do you guys think?
Purely as a bench rifle, the CM-2 Adult is - hands down - the most accurate. I own all three and while all are accurate, the Adult takes the honors for accuracy.

The CM-2 Cadet does NOT have the same barrel as the Adult model. Rather it looks to be the same barrel as the BB-7-2KO.

If you intend to use your rifle for anything more than bench rest shooting, consider the BB-7-2KO as the better option. The Cadet is still a single shot and not really a field gun. The Cadet could be used for silhouette matches or three position competition but for hunting or field use the BB is the better choice. That's my opinion anyway.
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