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Magazine Interchangeability

Originally Posted by Looter View Post
As an aside: The two wildcat mags didn't lock into place in my buddy's '78..
must be a difference in the tollerance of the mag catch assemblies.
Do your buddy's TOZ 78 magazines lock and function in your Wildcat rifle?
I guess I misunderstood as well, I assumed you owned a Winchester Wildcat rifle.
Why else would you be buying Winchester Wildcat magazines.
Awwww, as I said, I %%%-u-me-d you owned a Wildcat rifle.

You were buying the Winchester Wildcat magazines for your TOZ 78-1 ... Right?
And, the Wildcat magazines functioned in your TOZ 78-1 ... Right?

But, not in you friends TOZ 78-? ... Right?

You don't own a Winchester Wildcat rifle ... Right?
And, your buddy doesn't own a Winchester Wildcat rifle either ... Right?

Well ... Okay, I think I get it - now.

Boy, do I need to to slow down ...

Thanks for the clarification ... I needed that.
And, I need some sleep. The over-time is killing me.
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