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different mags for different rounds?

Well, I did some more experiments today in getting various 'irregular' .22 rimfire loads to feed in my TOZ 78-01.

I tried to get it to feed some super colibris and I observed why they would not feed from my standard TOZ mags. The short, pointy, little bullet was running into the front 'ogive' on the TOZ mag opening and would not exit the mag.

So, that gave me the idea of trying the super colibris in wildcat mags w/ the square bullet cutout. Edit: I'd found earlier that my 10rd wildcat mags would feed the super colibris in my TOZ-78, but I only tried this with one or two rounds loaded. When you load the wildcat magazines with more than two rounds of super colibri, the point of the bullet appears to sit too low to feed in my TOZ-78.

I do still wonder: did they change the feed ramp on the Winny version to coincide with the altered mag?

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