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Originally Posted by DeanV View Post
I purchased an extra parts kit from someone on this site, I am not sure what all they are right now, 3 different springs, another sight, and it looks like an extractor, possibly the firing pin, and another part, but it is hard to tell from the manual.

It does come with the manual.

The grips are the original adjustable wood grips, not aftermarket or customized. They fit my hand well, but might be a little to narrow if you have wide palms (I am 6'2" 190# for size reference).

The side of the pistol has 02 on the side in larger numbering (by the trigger gard I believe, it is not in front of me right now). That is the last 2 digits of the year of manufacture.

I do not know who added the barrel weights, but it does look just like the JD Precision ones from his website.

The finish is the dull black.

The scope is an Ultradot Match dot (2,4,6,8 dots).

Again, I might not have to sell, but just planning my options for in case. It does look like I have sold my older, small boat now so if that sale goes through, I might still hang onto the pistol. I know if I sell it, the odds of getting another of these will be slim if I regret selling later.
I used to play in bands. Played drums. Everytime I got tired of playing in bands I got rid of the drums. I would wind up buying another set. Usually in a hurry and had to pay some ridiculous prices for drum sets. This went on and on..........(but even a trained monkey can learn after 50 times!!!)
And the same can happen with handguns and rifles. I personally believe you have one of the top five bullseye .22 pistols. I say this after a long time of studying pistols and bullseye shooting. I have learned over the long haul that if ya got something GOOD, try yer best to hang on to it.
Enough of my humble opinions already!!!! Good luck with your decision.
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