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Originally Posted by DeanV View Post
I am considering putting my IZH-35M with a brand new matchdot up for sale. I bought it this year and have only shot it a couple times, it works fine. The guns year of manufacture is 2002. It comes with two barrel weights, three magazines and spare parts. It is in very good condition. How much do you think it is worth?Also, how does shipping guns work, do I need to ship from a FFL and to a FFL? Thanks for your help, I am trying to offset some boat repair bills and am trying to decide what to sell to help.

You will have to ship it from and to an FFL PERSON. I have an IZH 35M. Wonderful shooting pistol. I also have a walthers gsp. I like the IZH just as much as the walthers. I have a couple of questions if you dont mind. Where did you get the barrel weights? JD Precision? How do you know the year of manufacture? I have looked for date of manufacture information of these online but havent had any luck. Dont be impatient. THRERE ARE PEOPLE LOOKING FOR THESE PISTOLS. Maybe you could mention if it is dull black like mine or some other finish. Is matchdot the name of the dot? Or is it a BSA or something else? I am assuming the pistol has the adjustable wooden grips? Does the pistol come with the manual? (Downloadable online) The spare parts are they the tools that come with the pistol when you bought it?........I am just trying to help as far as suggesting what you could ad to your add. Interested parties will ask you the same questions. You can save time giving this info up front. This pistol set a world record in 2005 in rapid fire competition.
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