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Biathlon Basic - Russian American Armory, 3rd Part

The Biathlon Basic is Back! Now from Russian American Armory
by Jeff Quinn, photography by Jeff Quinn, March 25th, 2007

When it's time to really test the accuracy of a rifle, Jeff reaches for his
trusted Leupold 6.5-20x target scope.

For accuracy testing, I mounted my trusted Leupold 6.5 to 20 power target scope, to try to see just how well the little rimfire will shoot. As expected, the accuracy was superb. I tried the rifle with several different types of ammunition from subsonic heavy bullet loads, to hyper-velocity varmint ammunition, and most everything in between. The Biathlon Basic shot well with everything tried, as the groups shown will attest. At twenty-five yards, one hole ten-shot groups measuring under one quarter of an inch were easy to achieve and repeatable using match ammo from Wolf and PMC. Fifty yard five shot groups were also very accurate, with any pulled shots being my fault, every time. The pictures tell the story better than words. I was very well-pleased with the accuracy and performance of the Biathlon Basic rifle, and am very glad to see this rifle once again available on the American market. This is not a plinking rifle, but one with which a shooter can use to hunt small game, and then take to a silhouette competition and be competitive with any rifle on the line. The Biathlon Basic is, as are all good rimfire rifles, all about the accuracy. The rifle has the built-in accuracy, along with a superb trigger that allows the shooter to take advantage of that accuracy. It is also a very good value, priced along with rifles of much inferior quality.

Author tested the Biathlon Basic with a wide variety of ammunition.

50 yards did not diminish the Biathlon's ability to impress, as these 5-shot groups show.

For more information on the Biathlon Basic and other rifles and shotguns from Russian American Armory, as well as a list of distributors in the US, go to: www.raacfirearms.com.

For details on Leupold target scopes and other optics, go to: www.leupold.com.

Jeff Quinn

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