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Indoor fun

I used to have an old Crossman pump M-1 carbine copy that shot BBs I got from a yard sale, had fun plinking in the garage in the winter but traded it to someone who wanted it a lot more than I did. I thought about a CO2 pistol and watched some videos on the full auto Umarex models and was interested in the Beretta 92 and the MP-40 (German submachine gun, not the S&W pistol).
Both were full auto, the MP40 held two cartridges and had a high capacity but after you ran thru your ammo, if you kept holding the trigger down it kept dumping CO2. If I remember right, the Beretta only dumped CO2 while it had ammo, then shut off.

For a back stop I just hung an old piece of heavy plush carpeting against the inside of the garage door then curled the bottom edge up to make a trap, kept BBs from denting the door and bouncing everywhere.
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