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Originally Posted by ivan View Post
$200 new 10/22 from bass pro on a price match w/ walmarts price 'cause I had BP gift cards to use
$100 GM 18" .920 basic blued barrel
$100 Boyds unfinished "tacticool" stock
$50 + trade of OEM trigger to swampf0x for a worked over unit that breaks clean and crisp at about 2lbs
$20 20 MOA rail (EGW I think?)
Some sand paper, JB Weld, aluminum tape and other miscellaneous supplies and beer to drink while sanding and painting and such.
I don't disagree with any of that. I'm a big fan of the value that specific GM barrel.

I've strayed from 10/22 in part because of the process you describe in the text I bolded. A large part of the accuracy of a 10/22 depends on solving action and barrel bedding issues arising from the slip fit barrel system.

Did the Hiperfire work in your AR?

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