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Originally Posted by VASCAR2 View Post
I think your JP barrel will improve the more you shoot it. Hard to say whether your JP will ever meet your expectations. I’ve read where many people claim you can get better accuracy from a 10/22 than a dedicated AR-15.
Groups like that at 50 yards are trivial and CHEAP to do with a 10/22 (I have just over $450 in my current build). For sake of math I'm leaving the scope and rings price out, simply because that will be an equal cost no matter what rifle it is riding on...

$200 new 10/22 from bass pro on a price match w/ walmarts price 'cause I had BP gift cards to use
$100 GM 18" .920 basic blued barrel
$100 Boyds unfinished "tacticool" stock
$50 + trade of OEM trigger to swampf0x for a worked over unit that breaks clean and crisp at about 2lbs
$20 20 MOA rail (EGW I think?)
Some sand paper, JB Weld, aluminum tape and other miscellaneous supplies and beer to drink while sanding and painting and such.

With decent ammo (SK Std+ etc) it kills golf balls out to 150 yards consistently (golf ball is 1 7/8" in diameter)
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