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Like Hasbeen I have a KDF model and a Mauser model. I bought KDF K22's back in the late 70's and early 80's. Never had one that wasn't a fantastic shooter with ammo it liked. The beech stocked models were pillar bedded and available with double set triggers if ordered that way. No end caps were installed on them and as Hasbeen noted the sling swivels were not detachable. Accuracy between the standard (birch) model and the deluxe model was the same. I used several standard models hunting Squirrels with no complaints.
Ejection was an issue with all of the models including the Mauser 201's. KDF had an extractor replacement that worked pretty well and some gunsmiths could fix the issue also.
The ammo mine seemed to like quite well is the RWS subsonics and in my opinion is the best Squirrel ammo out there.
Mine have Leupold low rimfire rings installed and require brass shims that I use so the rings will tighten up securely. I have used this ring setup since the late 70's without any issues and the Burris 6X AO mini scopes I use on them are still zeroed and have never changed.

You have a fine looking KDF Deluxe model. I would try RWS rimfire ammo.

The only issue I ever had was once one of mine had the ejector break. I probably cracked it when attempting to clean it without first removing it.
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