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Originally Posted by 22rimfire22 View Post
I was hoping for a reply from SG Victor as I value your knowledge of High Standard products. I would be remiss if I did not also acknowledge Alan Aronstein, LDBennett and several others who frequent RFC with their input.
I was not aware of a product rarity scale and would like to know more about it and how items are rated.
My item was recently purchased out of Arizona and I believe it to be unfired judging by the pristine condition.
Thanks for any info you can share about the rarity scale.
The link to my rarity rating chart has been posted on this forum several times.

This is a binary system for rating the relative rarity of production guns. It is not intended for rating prototypes as they are almost always rare. The right most columns show the number of guns that fall within each specific rarity range. and a column of the cumulative total of these individual quantities.

I have also created a rarity ranking through the first 50 or 100 rarest guns by model and variation that has been posted on my website. It might no longer be there as the owners of the forum is deleting posts and will close the forum in about 40 days.

I don't understand the comment about unfired. They were all fired at the factory and they are only virgins once. These pistols can be fired quite a bit with little if any visible evidence. A gun cold be unfired and poorly stored resulting in a gun that is unfired but in a condition that would no longer interest a collector.

Unfired is not a meaningful descriptor of condition.
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