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Originally Posted by SGVictor View Post
Based on the information, this is a lever name series Supermatic combo (SC on the box) made in late 1953.

The Lever Name design series was produced from early 1951 through late 1953 with some outliers into 1954.

Your gun should have barrels with a raised rib and a shrouded breech( an extension of the barrel about 0.100" into a recess in the slide face). The barrels should be 4.50" and 6.75" long.

The Lever Name series, the 100 series and the 101 series all had Supermatic models which had no further appendages to the name like Trophy, Citation, or Tournament. The Trophy, Citation, and Tournament named did not appear in production until 1958. These modifying names described the level of features and trim.
I should have said that this variation has a production rarity of PR-12 and would currently rank at about 275th place on the rarity chart.

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