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Having just taken possession of a new Zephyr 2 in 22 lr, I was curious about the trigger mechanics. There is a bit of take-up before the trigger "hits the wall" and then a nice break. If you remove the action from the stock, you will find a small locknut that can be adjusted to remove that take-up slack. Have any of you Zephyr 2 shooters ever made this adjustment? I am going to call Steyr and ask them about this. While I am sure they will caution against any tinkering by an "amateur gunsmith", I see no reason why one cannot adjust this take-up slack out of this trigger. I would caution one not to overtighen this locknut as it may prevent the trigger from resetting.
My initial impressions of this rifle is that this was money well spent. This is a very nicely crafted rifle. The wood on my stock is what I call semi-fancy. If they put a higher gloss finish on the stock, the figure would be more pronounced. I could not find a single flaw anywhere on this gun. By the way.............mine has a silver finish on the trigger. I hope it shoots as good as it looks!
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