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Originally Posted by Jerryrig View Post
The long length is to make Signalman1 happy.
Amen to that...I have many rimfire rifles all the way back to when I was about 10 years old walking around with my first rifle a Winchester model 61 that had a long barrel and it shot great then as it does today. I also have a Savage Classic 93 with a 24" barrel and my CZ Trainer and 452 Lux with long barrels and most of my rifles today are magnums that is all I buy. When CZ made the 452 American rifles with a 22" barrel that was ok but when they started with the 455 and the 20.5" barrels that just turned me off. Today that CZ has woken up and offers a +24" barrel American in 22mag and 17 hmr along with a 457 Lux in both those calibers. My original game plan was to buy 4 rifles: two American and two Lux models one in each magnum caliber.

I am tall and have long arms and to walk around with a 10/22 length magnum rifle for hunting make me feel even more like a giant...I have 4x 10/22s for my daughters and I can't stand to hold them let alone hunt with them. Give me a long barrel rifle with better balance and better sight picture if I want to use iron sights...and the noise factor is a added bonus with longer barrels.

For you guys that like short barrels more power to you...the great thing about CZ is you can buy the 455 series or the 457 and change the barrel to what ever you like even a custom barrel if that makes you happy.

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