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Thank you very much for the reply. The ideas posted in this thread are exactly why I post first and cut later!

I did look for this exact issue when I had the pistol apart last week. It "seemed" okay...but NOT excellent. As this pistol had been monkeyed with, I've been very carefully assessing each issue individually. The fire control group, obviously, was the most important thing.

There WAS a burr raised on the slide stop notch which I lightly dressed. The slide stop seems pretty decent BUT what I will do tomorrow night is compare my Match Target to my minty Target slide and slide stop and see how they visually compare.

Too, it looks like I had might as well order some new magazine springs...it certainly will not hurt.

I am only going to test this gun on Thursday night and if my grease removal does not work, I'll order new mag springs immediately and then test that.

Ever since I removed that burr, there has not been a new burr raised. If the mag springs don't work then I'll reshape the locking surface of the slide and the mating surface of the slide stop. I have done this exact type of job on other weapons so I am familiar with what needs to be done.

Again, everything else is working fantastically. This pistol is VERY, VERY, VERY accurate and is now just dead nuts smooooooth as silk in all other regards.

Much thanks to you, Tom and to everyone who's replied in this tread and my other thread. The information presented has been invaluable to my project. I do my darndest to live by the mantra "Do it right....or don't do it at all."

RFC is a wonderful community!!! Thank you, everyone!
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