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Slide Stop failure

It really is not such a Mystery.

If you closely inspect the Slide Stop Capture Blade you will note the top portion has been rounded. And, an inspection of the Slide Capture Notch will further show signs of of rounding on its lower portion. These failure are actually fairly common when the magazine is not kept clean which lessens the 16 ounce up pressure generated by the average 2nd or 3rd Series Magazine Spring after the last shot is loaded into the chamber and the spring pressure is transferred to the Slide Stop's Foot.

This all starts with a single and arbitrary failure of the Slide Stop to capture and hold open the Slide when the last shot is fired. When left without proper attention the frequency of failure increases to a point where every last shot fails to capture and hold open the Slide.

The cure is to re-hone both the Slide Capture Notch as well as the Slide Stops Capture Block (2nd series) or Blade (3rd series).

By request many of my tutorials are listed on Bob Rayburn's website at: www.colt22.com
Under the heading, accessible on the opening page, Colt Woodsman Maintenance Made Easy "Tom's Tricks of the Trade" or the top left tab "Woodsman Repairs". While many service oriented tutorials are listed such as Slide Stop Assembly R & R, I have not placed the actual repair of the Slide Stop and Capture Notch and leave that tutorial and many others for direct contact with the troubled Woodsman Owner.

Further, when the required repair is completed, it is recommended that the original Magazine Spring be changed out. Years ago I designed an advanced replacement Magazine Spring with increased, pressure which has eliminated the issue and future problems all together. I have hundreds of such springs in field use, all without recurrence of failure.

My offer to speak directly with you as placed on your last posting still hold true.

Tom Platt
[email protected]

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