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Originally Posted by Signalman1 View Post
whtsmoke sir I am not much for automatics but if I wanted one in a magnum I would buy...the one that is currently made is the CZ 512 American...because it was so nice to hold and it really impressed me. Here is a picture I took in 2017 at the Las Vegas SHOT Show.

Sir you need to change your handle to Blacksmoke because your hot and money is on fire in your hands..."white smoke" is generally when the fire dept shows up and is putting out the fire. Your making me look bad with all these CZs your buying.

I have read nothing but great stuff about the 512.

So good luck on your quest.

Not really just trying to make her as happy as i can, don't think she has that much time left, she had Kidney cancer and lost one of them and has been on dialysis for the last eight years which is really pushing it. One day at a time around our house.
Whstmoke comes out of the end of four of my single shot firearms, two rifles and two of the nicest 1750's era flintlock fowlers, one was custom made for me and hte other I built. You walk in my house and you look above the doorways, they catch your eyas. don't know if i will do it just wanted to get a few opinions on it.
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