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Sept 2019

Son was up here from Fl. last week. Something about a little rain (not to dismiss the storms many people have had to endure the last week). We have to dig at each other. Have a great relationship with him. He comes up when the storms of life and weather happen.

Anyway he said, Pops you have to clean this barn out before I get it in your will. So we started to go though some boxes and I found some A-23 targets.

Today I went to the range and shot one. Been a while, but I did OK. Need to shoot more.

Date: 9-9-19 Temp: 80* Wind: 5-10 mph
Winchester 52D SK+ (the old stuff) 50yds
sand bag front , rear my hand.

#1 Sighter 47
#2 47
#3 47
#4 45
#5 47

Don't remember the last time I shot this gun. Will shoot again soon. Had a blast.

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