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Originally Posted by Calamity Sue's Husband View Post
My first two rugers, a Sporter Deluxe and 1264 Mannlicher, triggers were reworked by Brimstone. This is 8-9 years ago. They are excellent, esp. the mag release. Smoothest in the business.

However, it's still a .... cheaply constructed plastic trigger. When I was "fixing up" Calamity's 11165, I bought her a Kidd trigger. Yes, they aren't cheap. But the quality is definitely there. I am thinking about ordering another one, as they are on sale both at coolguyguns and Kidd's eBay store. Usually the eBay store is more expensive, probably due to the eBay sales and or eBucks program. But they are the same, on sale for $200. I just received notice of 8% eBucks back for the next two days. It's for invited guests only, as these usually are. This means another $20 off on a Kidd trigger for me, making it $184 delivered, counting on the $16 eBucks. I do a fair amount of buying on eBay so it will be used. No tax, free shipping. Not great, but not bad either.

Glad to hear you like your GM barrels. Not surprised though. This week I'll be putting in a 20" sporter into Calamity's 11165. She shot my 11165 with the new barrel and not only was it more accurate, but shot even the hated Fed ammo reasonably well. The Fed 710/810 Game Shok even out shot her favorite CCI Tacts this week. The Fed HV Match still sucked. At least they shot, though all over the place. Thankfully I don't have many. The Game Shok I'm loaded with. As I mentioned in the ammo section, we also shot over 200 Rem GB's with no problems at all, and even decent accuracy. But this shoots well for us in all our rifles when compared to bulk hv's, not sv's.

Both links are below.


If you send your trigger packs to Clark Custom Guns for a trigger job, they will replace the plastic trigger with an aluminum trigger that has an over travel screw - it costs an extra $12.50

They can also put everything into a brand new OEM Ruger aluminum housing - the one's Ruger used in the old days before the poly housings.

Unfortunately, they raised the price to $55 - used to be $25 extra.

Two years ago a trigger job with aluminum trigger & housing was $112.50 + return ship - now it's $162.50

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