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FULL AUTO Beretta 92 by Umarex!

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Last week or before, I was watching one of the shooting/gun shows on television and they did a segment on one of the Umarex full auto C02 BB rifles. I can't remember if they mentioned that FA pistols were also available or if I just found them searching for "umarex" later? How ever I found them, there is a full auto Beretta M-92 C02 BB pistol made by Umarex (and assorted other weapons of FA capability). I have no idea if they are high quality and long lasting, but they sure look like a heck of a lot of Fun!

Does anyone around here have one and can you comment of their longevity, or lack there of? Any other thoughts or comments on them?

Although I recently turned 60, there are certain limited times I enjoy feeling or acting like a kid. This usually takes the form of rapidly emptying a 25 round magazine using a 10/22 rifle at the range, asulting aluminum soda cans. Watching videos of this FA BB pistol has me imagining being a kid far more often, and spending money on lots of C02 and steel BB's. I think I need to order one of these, with at least 1 spare magazine, plenty of BB's and C02! Even Amazon carries these with various options (W or W/O spare accessories, etc). Prices start around $100 and go up with added goodies. This could be one heck of a lot of fun for the money?

What do you think?

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