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I have these three rear bags/rests and alternate them at times.

Pic #1:
ABRA mechanical rear rest, made by Joe Chacon. Delrin rear spool, infinitely adjustable. Delrin spool width doesn't quite fit my Kelbly BRFB stock though.... fits my other wood stocked rifles ok .... Almost always gets your rifle back to the same POA on the delrin spool.

Pic #2:

I think I use the SEB Bigfood more than the others, so I might gravitate to that bag because it's big and heavy and doesn't move at all. Slick ears are ....slick.... I also use a dead bottom if the rear area is uneven, or if I need more rear height to aim downwards to the target.

Edgewood Minigater (tall) with slick ears. It's a toss-up with the SEB as far as being stable. Also with a dead bottom for uneven benches or to get more height.

Get the slick ears, it's only a few more bucks for whatever brand you get.... it's worth it.
Get heavy sand from Brownells..... because it's heavy.......
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