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I was more concerned about the nose or driving band hitting the chamber mouth with the tight match chambers based on the published info on chambers like the Eley, Lilja, and Calfree chambers.. The 52 was mag fed - so I would assume that was already sorted out.... And the reports on here didn't highlight any issues with feeding out of mags with the PTG reamer either.

I was concerned about the bolt closing effort based on testing engraving in a sporting chamber... But then it dawned on me that the match reamers use a 1.5 or 2 degree throat where the Sporting chamber uses a 5-degree throat - so the engraving force will be less than half of what I had in my little test.

But chamber wise - if I only chop off 1/2" off the back of the barrel and used one of those straight match reamers - I would end up with a tapered mouth that starts off at 0.2275" and tapers down to around 0.225" over 0.3" left over from the old chamber. I would have to chop off almost 7/8" to get rid of that...

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