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CMC trigger has gotten heavier

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Some time back, I bought two CMC triggers. Put one in the 15-22 and the other in a AR-15.

Recently I bench the 15-22, felt the scope was off, and in the process of shooting very controlled from the bench felt the trigger seemed excessively heavy. So I put a trigger gauge on it. It varied from just under 4lbs to just short of 5 lbs. I then got out the AR15 (which I haven't been shooting much at all) and checked that trigger....3.5 lbs. Both of these triggers when I got them where identical.

SO...what has made the 15-22 trigger go that way. It's been carried everyday in a UTV, used a lot. So is it just dirt in the trigger? These are somewhat sealed up. How do you clean a CMC trigger?
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