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Winchester M-22

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I picked up a double brick of this at Bass Pro a couple weeks ago. First .22 ammo I had seen in months except for 2 50-round boxes of CCI Stingers I got at Academy in March. The advertising on the box said clean burning and accurate, but I also believed Win. came out with it for the AR .22 cal. crowd for a cheap bulk ammo.
When I looked at it before I bought it, I was impressed by the physical appearance of the ammo. Very clean, tight bullets, etc.

I finally had a chance to shoot some yesterday. I started out shooting some in my Challenger II which on occasion will be a little ammo selective. Ran through the C-II very well and for as little as I have shot anything lately, I was getting pretty good groups (for me) at 15 yards. Then I tried it out in my Buck Mark which generally only runs without argument with Fed Auto Match. I had maybe 3 stove pipes out of 100 rounds. At 25 yards I was getting good groups, again for me, but I have a 3 MOA red dot on the BM so I can hold on the bull pretty well. If I don't flinch, I can generally do pretty well. Again lack of practice lately widened the groups a bit for me, but I was really happy with the results.

My last gun I had carried to the range was my CZ 452 Silhouette. It is not my most accurate .22 (my Rem. Mdl Five is), but it and my Savage MK IIg will do very respectable jobs with AM, Win SS, and Fed 510b and Blue Box. My Mdl Five loves the Fed Blue box, but it is very difficult for me to find.

Anyway, I shot the first cold barrel shot and then went to the bull. It was a near perfect zero from probably the Fed 510b I had been shooting in it. 2 clicks up and right was giving me x-bulls when my technique was correct and consistent. I shot some 5-shot .225 to .324 in. groups, and overall was really impressed with the ammunition. I am curious to see what my MK IIg and Mdl Five will do with the ammo. Academy had some the day I got the Stingers, but the first 2 guys standing in line before the store opened got the M-22 for a little over $40 a 1000 round box. I paid about $53 for the 1000 rounds at BP.

Anyone else out there had similar, or dissimilar results??
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