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X-22 Backpacker stock for Takedowns

New X-22 BP user here. I bought the Davidson's exclusive with the extra mags. Only mod so far is the BX trigger and a DIY bolt release. Trying to keep the rifle streamlined in keeping with the BOB/Get Home nature of my purpose. So no optics, and avoiding extended mags.

50rd box of ammo, spare mag, lighter, dryer lint, sight screwdriver and cleaning patches in the main compartment

Boresnake, pen and 1/8" hex bit in the pistol grip.

10 rds, two razor blades and Super Glue under the butt pad (that's what the 1/8" bit is for).

All in a Maxpedition Pygmy Falcon II bag with a change of clothes, FAK, another box of ammo, food, water and a MT. It lives in my car trunk.

Yeah an unlikely fantastical scenario but it's a fun brain and collecting exercise.

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