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Originally Posted by buck22 View Post
Hey guys, I just thought I'd try to get this simple and easy fix for the BX-25 magazines out there.

Please note that this only applies to the magazines that suffer the issue - I believe Ruger actually did improve the design after a while since only SOME of the magazines have the issue. If you have no issue...there's no reason to do this.

I've been reading around and it appears I'm not the only one with this issue. The issue is as follows:

Magazine will occasionally cause jams due to the bullets being at too little of an upward angle. This issue is more noticeable when the magazine is filled to capacity.

If you're like me...you want to know "why?" and I think I've figured it out.

While loading and unloading my magazine trying to see if the seemingly BS "oil in the magazine fix" would fix it - I realized what was actually happening. As more and more rounds are loaded, there is more and more lateral pressure being exerted on the follower. One of two things or both is happening...either the rounds are allowed to slip into the space between the follower and the side of the magazine and/or the follower is binding against the inside of the magazine which results in lack of tension. The reason this is happening is because there is an excessive amount of slop in the spindle/spool pieces. The little 'axle' on the follower is about 50% smaller than the inside diameter of the spool the spring is attached to.

Ironically enough, the fix involves using a spent .22 casing. Simply disassemble your BX-25 magazine, trim down your SPENT .22LR casing, slip it into the space pictured below, reassemble, then you're done! Life will be even easier if you have a .22 SHORT used casing laying around, but a .22LR will work, you'll just need to trim it down to make it fit.

It's not rocket science. Just make sure you trim it short enough to allow it to sit flush against the spool. It is IMPORTANT that it is flush against the spring spool, otherwise it will bind when the magazine is reassembled.

I used a set of toenail clippers to trim mine. Also, I'll add that it does help to put a little oil on the casing and in/around the spool to facilitate better function.

Hope this helps somebody out there.

Took me maybe 20 minutes, I was expecting a compressed spring to come flying out so I was extra careful pulling the halves apart, then it took a while for it to dawn on me that it was a coil spring Doh!, getting slow in my old age!
Anyway I used a file from my kit that has a safety flat side that doesn't cut and poked the 22 case in from the back side so it would rub against the plastic not the edge of the spring, and scored it all the way around then took it out and finished cutting thru with a 3 corner file and finished it off against a fine whet stone.
A 3 corner with a safety edge would have been faster. It works a charm, I'll have to try it in the gun next time I'm target practicing. Thanks for the tip.
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