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Nice to see some pics, and not just drawings. Thanks for posting those Lyra & Welcome to RFC!

I think Ruger had to delete the LCI because the LCI pin would have conflicted with the Takedown pin. I'm sort of doubtful that they also deleted the mag disco safety. They also appear to have deleted the Safety Lock, but that may be only because the mainspring housing was replaced with an integral mainspring.

The barrel is still serialized and the bolt ears are still narrow. At least there should no longer be a big gash cut out of the side of the bolt!

A number of other things I really disliked about the MK3 appear to be left intact. Maybe they have improved their design, but it's impossible to tell without examining the guts of this new gun. I'm looking forward to examining one up close and personal.

There's no doubt in my mind that the MK4 will prove to be better than the MK3, but I'll reserve judgement about if it's as good as the MK2. The MK2 was just such a superior design - it'll be very tough to top!
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