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The scopes used for long distance shooting are not a very good match for your rifle. The American is a light weight barrel and a small, round forearm. Putting a large, long-distant scope on it seems like a real miss match. Your beautiful, accurate, light weight American sporter deserves a sleek scope to match. for a 17hmr you can go up in magnification to a 16, 18 or 20 power, but keep it light like a 1inch tube on a Weaver GS if you can find one. If you are serious about shooting long distance, I very much like my Vortex Diamondback Tactical in 4-24x. It is a first focal plane scope, but has some heft to it. I paid $330 for mine and thought it was a steal at that price. I am sure that your CZ American can shoot lights out, but it will look like a small sedan with truck tires if you pare it with many of the scopes mentioned. Put a good, light, compact scope on your American and find another rifle more suited to mount the large high powered scopes needed for long range shooting. Just my $0.02. Burt
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