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Take a look at Mueller Optics. I have two of their scopes and am super please with their optics, very clear edge to edge and track perfectly. I run an 8-32 X 44 mm on my Anschutz 1517 17 HMR and love it. Plenty of magnification for punching paper, dial it down to deal with mirage or take it way lower for closer work.
You can buy direct from them and get very fast delivery. I also have a 40x56 on my bench rest rifle, both have side focus turrets and are 1/8" adjustments not 1/4 to be able to really dial them in. I'll be 73 this fall and the old eyes just don't work like they use to. My theory is, get a lot of magnification and dial it down as needed. One thing for sure if you cant see it, you can hit it.
Good luck,
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