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Originally Posted by xdm9mm View Post
When I sent my MK iV's for repair last year, the notes said tested with 50 rounds ... but I can see the gun's barrel was clean, there is fouling but maybe with just 5 ammo used.

I would believe those accuracy results if they send or upload a "video" of them doing it at those ranges.

I remember that guy ("who's name must not be mentioned" and is no longer here) who promised to do an accuracy test of MKIV with a potters rest... I wonder if he has done it and has posted the results on some other boards...
What I'm suspecting is perhaps the rear sight on my new Mark IV hunter may be defective or just bad.

Since I don't care much for the V-notch rear sight the Hunter came with, I ordered new front and rear fiber optic sights from Tandemkross.

They look much nicer and I hope will be easier to obtain sight picture.

I'll install them when I get them and check again with the same laser bore sight tool. If the rear sight is still offset noticeably to the right, then I may have to send the firearm back to them and have Ruger check it.

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