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Originally Posted by hntr58 View Post
Hi Guys,

I'm shooting a Remington 5MM rifle with the two different type ammo Centurion makes. 30gr hollow point(white box) and the 30gr jacketed hollow point(gold box) and don't really get great groups out of either one. About 1 3/4" at 50 yds. I was just wondering what everyone else was getting? Since there isn't a lot of ammo to chose from is there any improvements I could do to the gun to tighten them up a some? Thanks!
I have two 591's. added 2nd action screw , glass bedded the action and free floated the barrel on both. Also worked the trigger down to about 1.5 lbs. on both. Cut the barrel on one to 20" to have a carbine and because the muzzle area was damaged by what I assume was a 22 caliber bore sighter pilot. Both will easily shoot 1.5" at 100 yds with Centurion ammo. You need to think in centerfire terms to squeeze accuracy out of them. That is hot ammo and those light barrels heat quickly. The factory single action screw and full stock contact with the barrel will cause accuracy problems with Centurion ammo, more so than the old Remington ammo which didn't heat the barrel as much when firing multiple round groups.
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