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okay then, for you earth, LOL,

nuttin fancy compared to my other pimped out set ups, or others here. decided to try a diff route and go black. all i need is the bbl . as i mentioned, krylon fusion semi black. has just a bit of sheen that i wanted. should look pretty good in the "nutter" that needs a few more coats of "tung" oil, which is in process.

the receiver i got here on the *for sale* forum, private buyer and was a good price, no complaints. seems like the previous owner had a lot of stove pipes as the ejection port was kinda dinged up. opened that up with the dremel and polished. a bunch of other probs that come with a factory receiver. got all that taken care of. nice and slick now.

now for the bbl...................cant wait to paint that and assemble. LOL, ALMOST like putting together an "ULTI", but with "factory" parts. this is way too much fun. cant wait to shoot it from the "OASIS", LOL,


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