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I think when the white coat wearing guys go testing the rifle is locked in some sort of a device with a button in another room to actually fire the gun. Also he mentioned his indoor tunnel with no wind etc...

My current setups are modified 10/22 and 2 CZ 452 americans.

I think the target barrel is probably a descent performer but also probably made for marketing as much as accuracy.

As far as an offhand shooter unfortunately even the cheapest barrel and rifle will probably outshoot most peoples abilities. lol

I still wouldnt mind having one but Ill probably look for the tapered barrel version, Its the cheaper one anyway. lol

Youre correct when saying his idea of accuracy and yours probably differ greatly. Your groups look pretty good and a few fliers can be blamed on the shooter. When he locks a rifle in a vise and doesnt even touch it the shooter is eliminated.

He also mentioned testing done on the scale of over 50,000 rounds fired.
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