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Originally Posted by 'ol shooter View Post
All the old out of production Mossberg rifles are a hot item.
Originally Posted by csspecs View Post
Any model numbers of specific interest?
The 140 series rifles would be a good place to start. Also the 340/350 series. There currently are aftermarket mags for those, but they are all 10-rounders, which to some (myself included) spoil the lines and handling of the rifle. The originals were 7 rounds, which is what are very much sought-after and getting crazy prices, like this:


One issue with the 340s, though, is that they had a rather complicated adapter mechanism on top that allowed them to be used with short, long, or long rifle cartridges. I'm not sure how much potential buyers would care whether you incoporated that or not. I wouldn't, but some collectors probably would. A lot of the used ones don't come with it anyway -- it has broken and fallen off over the years.
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