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Originally Posted by SGW Gunsmith View Post
Very good question. I'm guessing it's more like unintended happenstance. It's difficult to engineer a specific trigger pull weight into any firearm design with the myriad of manufacturing tolerances involved. My WAG for the day, along with long time experience involved with manufacturing, tells me there is more likely a pull-weight range that they try to achieve, rather than some specific edict from the legal department. It will be interesting, as more and more RFC members acquire a Ruger Mark IV, to see what the factory trigger pull weight actually measures.

One thing for sure, as I get them in, I will record the pull weight for my records.
"Unintended Happenstance" was my initial conclusion as well, but wouldn't a difference of approximately 1 lb, 8 ozs between the two pistolas be outside of the AQL range based on your experience?

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