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Smith and Wesson is selling me a GP100 .22
Smith "sold me" a Ruger Single Six nearly 20 years ago and I have never regretted it. Bought a 617 back then after firing one owned by a friend and another owned by one of the range members. Was impressed with both guns.

I was really excited to get mine to the range but was pretty disappointed by the accuracy. During the range session I also noticed a dragging feel at times. Rotating the cylinder and looking at the gap back lit I could see the gap was not even all the way around.

Sent back to Smith and returned with an even cylinder gap but the 617 still did not shoot that great. Traded it later and picked up a stainless Single Six in 1999 and that revolver actually shot better than I anticipated.

Was my 617 a bad apple and not typical of the 617s in general , yes but after all the great centerfire Smiths I owned I was very glad to be rid of it.
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