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Attn: Middle Tenn, NE Miss, North Alabama

As K stated above. The North Alabama Shooting Association, Inc. runs .22 matches every weekend. We are located in the far north west corner of the state in Sheffield, Alabama.

For something that just about anybody could come and shoot and have fun with, please consider our Rimfire Raptor Match. We shoot this fun match on 5th Saturdays. The next 5th Saturday is January 30, 2010. Plenty of notice. Kinda a dead time of year - not many conflicts.

All you need is a decent scoped .22 rifle, a couple of boxes of ammo, and either a bi-pod or some kind of a throw down front rest. Here is the drill:

"The Raptor Match is fired on the highpower rifle range at 100 yards with a .22 rifle. The shooter moves from standing to prone or sitting with his/her bipodded rifle to engage five little chickens at 100 yards with 10 rounds in one minute - three strings - your score is the number of chickens standing out of all fifteen birds engaged - low score wins - tie breaker's anticipated - tie breaker will be a single string with only five rounds to be repeated as necessary - anything goes for the rifle as long as it is chambered for the .22 long rifle round and the rifle less magazine, weighs no more than 10.5 lbs - repeat: the combined weight of the rifle and scope with the box magazine detached can't exceed ten and a half pounds - the weight of the magazine of a tube repeater will have to be included for obvious reasons.

I don't want people to have to go buy a bi-pod for this event if they would prefer not to. So, the Raptor participant will have the option of using a sling, sand bag, bull bag, etc or a bi-pod. But, keep in mind the shooter will have to start standing with the rifle and any support in hand, then at the command, assume position (sitting or prone) and shoot (all under the clock). To be fair the weight of the bi-pod, bag, and/or sling will not be included in the 10.5 lb weigh-in. Also, no rear support bags of any type will be allowed."

Please note that the distance to targets is more like 95 yards. We moved the targets forward some to keep from having to climb around on the berm looking for the scattered little chickens.

We have a generous sighting in session at the beginning in which folks can shoot until they feel comfortable with their zero. And, we offer this again at the end of the first set of birds to anyone that wants to tweek a bit more after engaging in the actual game. Sure - everyone wants to win but we more importantly, want everyone to simply be safe and have fun.

We will have a fire going to warm up by and there will be a lot of good comradeship and gun talk. We can break for lunch and go eat together at some big mom and pop type place - have them push some tables together. If the weather forecast get's too foreboding, we will call it off a couple of days in advance and try it again later. But, we have actually had some pretty nice weather at our January matches before.

I can get about a dozen NASA, Inc RFCers there - what say ye RFC rapscallions of the Tennessee Valley area? Will you join us? We could back our normal 8:30 start time off to 10:30 to give you a more civil start time for your drive over, up, or down. Heck, even an Aub could wake up at deer hunting time and drive up and join in a little late - we let late comers catch up with back to back strings all the time.

Here are some pics from a short sleeve Raptor Match:

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