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William Harper

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Experimental Marksmanship

We seem to be scattered from one end of this 50,000 sq. mile state to the other with little chance of getting together due to the expense and time involved in long distance travel. Thank God for Rimfire Central and the internet.
I used to get out shooting once a week. Now due to some health factors I am lucky to get out once or twice a month. I am an experimental marksman first and a hunter of squirrels and would-be hunter of feral hogs second. I have only been shooting the rifle sixty years, not so long as some of my pals, but had excellent instructors in the elegancies of fine marksmanship. I do have access to an excelllent range. But we are so scattered over Alabama's geography! It is lamentable, but the future may give some of us opportunites to meet and shoot regionally. I hope so!

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