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Whiting is powdered calcium carbonate. You can order it HERE.

Another method to strip the oil from the stock is to use Purple Power, a powerful degreaser available at Wally World. Be sure to wear gloves or else all your skin will peel off. It will pull even the most stubborn oiliness out of the stock, as well as removing an oil finish. The drawback is that you should thoroughly rinse the stock in water after using it. This will of course raise the grain, but you are going to sand the stock anyway, right? Depending on how the stock was originally finished, you might have to use a chemical stripper first. This will get all the finish out of the checkering, although you might have to pursuade it with a stiff bristle brush. Be sure to use eye protection--you don't want to get methylene choride in your eyes. Trent has had some luck using Citristrip, a less toxic/carcinogenic type of wood stripper. I believe he coats the stock with the stuff and then seals it in a plastic bag to keep evaporation to a minimum.

Good luck. Let us know how it turns out!

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